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Receive the most comprehensive and customised building survey in the southeast with our LSR survey blueprint...


It's True


You can have a comprehensive and bespoke home buyer or building survey, unlike other surveying reports, your LSR report  will be fully photographed included simple to understand diigrams, giving you context to better understand and read. 


And in a moment, I would like to explain how the LSR Survey blueprint works and why it is the most comprehensive and cost-effective building survey in the southeast.

See if you’re like most owners buying your home can be the most exciting and stressful time. Is the property right for you? What is the actual state of the property? Is the area the right fit? Is the property a good investment in the future? The southeast of England property market is fast-moving and expensive.

The good news is that we are here to help you answer all your questions, offer you a shortcut, and relieve the pressure of making your big decision.


Our LSR survey blueprint will arm you with the information you need about the actual state of the property so you can avoid a poor investments and move forward with the conference that you are making a sound investment for the future.

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Hi, my name is Chris Humphrey. I am an RPSA and RICS Building Surveyor. I've worked in the building industry for the past two decades and have led projects from small extensions to new builds working closely with trade professionals and Homeowners.


The LSR survey Blueprint is designed to give a fresh approach and guide you through the entire process; it makes us the most customer-centric building Survey in the industry.

We put reliability and honesty at the core of everything we do. you Benefit from over 20 years of building experience, and our RICS qualified surveyors' vast property knowledge and our most comprehensive survey report using the LSR blueprint.


What is the LSR Blueprint?


Our 3-stage LSR blueprint is guaranteed to give you a clear guild to the most comprehensive and customized building survey, which is why it works.


See. First,

We will liaise with you to understand what you required. we can guide you through the whole surveying process and answer all your questions.

We act like your independent, trusted advisor this works because a building survey can be confusing, and we are sure you have loads of questions, we will immediately give you clarity about the whole process.

Coastline building Surveys is also in a unique position to provide you with a massive amount of free value with our extensive knowledge in the building industry. 

Our you Looking to modify the property?

That's Great with 20 years of building knowledge. Just let us know your vision, and we can offer professional advice at no additional cost.

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Once we have gone thought the liaise stage, we can carry out the most comprehensive and customized RICS survey.


It will be completed by an RICS-qualified Surveyor. By opting for an RICS survey, you will receive an impartial inspection and must be adherd to adhere best industry standards.


RICS Building Survey also sometimes called a Structural Survey, is the most in-depth and comprehensive and will provide you a detailed picture of the real state of the property and  the cost of any problems found so you can rightfully negotiate a lower asking price.

The LSR RICS Survey is the most comprehensive and customized building survey in the southeast because no other survey incorporates a drone,rics survey and two decades of building knowledge into one bespoke report as standard.

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You get more than just a bespoke report.

Once the surveyor has been to your property, they will compile the RICS report using the LSR blueprint and deliver it via email.


As your independent, trusted advisor, once your strategic report arrives, we ensure we allocate the time you require to go through the information, answer any questions, and advise you on the next step.

Sometimes we advise you to avoid the properties or negotiate lower asking prices.

We can help you find quotations, further investigation and negotiation advice when needed.


Whatever the report's findings., we guarantee to use our in-depth knowledge of the property market and our years of experience to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect property.

Taking the Key

What Does A Building Survey Report Look Like?

As a Building Survey is so extensive, the survey report can be a lengthy document containing a lot of information. That's why the LSR blueprint report has been designed to be easy to understand and action. We follow a simple traffic light system, where severe or urgent repairs are highlighted in red, less serious defects are amber and elements where no significant repairs are currently required but ongoing maintenance or upkeep will be needed are highlighted in green. This, combined with photos highlighting any areas of concern, make it easy for you to see exactly what's going on and how bad any issues are.

When Do You Need a Building Survey?

As a Building Survey is the most detailed type of survey available it is the best option for house buyers and will make sure you enter into the purchase fully informed. A RICS Building Survey using the LSR blueprint is the best option to ensure you have a complete understanding of the state of your property, and it could help to make sure you don't waste thousands of pounds on a house that simply isn't worth the money. It is especially essential for older houses, those that have undergone major renovations, are in a state of disrepair or have an unusual design, as well as if you're planning on carrying out major works to the property.

When Will you Receive the Report?

How long the survey takes to be carried out will depend on the size of the house and its condition, but expect anything from four or five hours to a full day for a Building Survey.

Why a free drone survey with every report

The LSR blueprint means we do thing diffently to other surveyor. A drone roof inspection is a must and will provide a thorough insight into the state of your roof, including those difficult to reach areas. By using the latest drone technology

we can tell you

  • The expected lifetime of your roof

  • The condition of your tiles

  • Suspected leaks or potential future problem areas

  • Any issues with roof sag

Drone roof surveys will also inspect other vital elements of your roof, including:

  • Chimneys, Parapets, Flat roofs, Flat roofs, Flashing

Get a RICS survey Quote

If you want the most comprehensive survey report we offer before you commit to one of the most significant purchases of your life, or if you wish to learn more about our bespoke Building Surveys,get in touch today via email, phone or live chat.

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